Sunday, November 11, 2012

Prime Time

Priming walls and painting ceilings continued through the weekend. So far, we've use up nearly 5 gallons of ceiling paint and 10 gallons of drywall primer - so we must be getting something accomplished!
Scott dragged the extension ladder in from the barn to reach the tippy top of the south great room wall. Lucky for him, he also got to do the tippy top of the north great room wall. The fun part of all of the priming is remembering that you still have two coats of color to come.
We were happy to have Carl and Marita lend a hand (ok, 4 hands) on Saturday! They tackled priming the walls in the bedroom while Scott and I worked in the great room. This room, its adjacent hallway, and closet are all ready for "real" paint!
On Sunday, Scott figured out how to secure a ladder and a 2x8 to the floor to create a makeshift scaffold over the connector staircase. It worked!
In spite of all the painting that needed to be done, Scott couldn't resist the urge to peel all of the factory-installed protective plastic off the new windows. I thought the plastic was transparent but the view out of each and every window is now fantastic! The photo of the great room above does not do it justice - so you'll just have to visit noTTafarm to see how great it is.

And now for something a little different . . . 

When I left the house to attend a church conference late Sunday afternoon, the 1920 bathtub was sitting in the landing where Monte and Jason deposited it on Monday. Scott had worked on sealing all of the tile in the bathroom, and had moved on to touching up the drywall, so the tub was safe where it sat.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived home a few hours later and found this...
. . . the tub was in its place in the bathroom!  
All by himself, Scott wriggled the tub down the hallway, using a piece of carpet to help scoot it along. He described in detail the tilting, wedging, lowering, and praying that it took to maneuver the tub into its spot. He even got to take the dusty and grimy plastic wrap off the tub, revealing the pretty yellow paint I selected oh so many months ago.
Scott also brought the toilet and pedestal sink into the room to get ready for installation. The plan is to ask the plumber to hook up everything when he's here this week working on the new addition. 
The only thing standing between me and painting this bathroom are those damp portions of spackle on the ceiling.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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