Monday, November 5, 2012

Heavy Lifting

Relax, members of our immediate family:  you will not be called into duty.  The 300 lb. +/- cast iron tub has been moved upstairs! 

Super-Friend-of-noTTafarm Monte B. stopped by after work with his buddy Jason to manhandle the tub up the new staircase and into the hallway outside the 1920 bathroom. They got started just as I got home from work, so these pictures are from Scott's phone; they didn't seem too anxious to replay the action so that I could take "better" photos!

As soon as Scott gets the floor tile sealed, we can wriggle the tub through the door, put its feet on, and put it in place for good.
Thank You, Monte and Jason!  

Just as Monte and Jason were leaving, a delivery truck arrived, loaded down with the tile! Scott had arranged for the delivery guy to place the four pallets of tile (all 6,975 pounds of it) on the old concrete driveway. It was then to be our job to take each box of tile and walk it into the garage for storage. As you can imagine, I was quite worried about how I could escape from this tortuous task! Then the delivery guy asked the magic question, "So, do you want me to wheel these into the garage for you?"  My heart sang with joy as the pallet truck was called into action. By this time, I had my camera ready to capture all of the action.
The first pallet of tile and the pallet truck were loaded on the lift and lowered to the ground.
The pallet truck was easily maneuvered by the delivery guy (let's call him "Bob" since I forgot to ask.)
Bob started moving the truck to the north, then made a quick turn toward the garage, hedging that the momentum would take it up the slight incline.
After pushing the first pallet, the other three were pulled. The large wheels on the handle-end of the truck made it over the lip of the garage a bit easier.
Fast forward about 45 minutes, and the task was done! 
The orange tubes are rolls of Schluter DITRA, a polyethylene membrane substrate that the T. Hurt crew will install before the tiling begins. This tile will cover the walls and floor of the master bath and the powder room, as well as floors in the kitchen, casual dining area, and all of the first floor hallways.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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