Monday, November 26, 2012

Wood You Like to Know What's New?

Wood! That's what's new! The contractor's crew arrived Monday morning to being the process of adding wood trim and doors to the new addition. The bulk of their day was spent laying out a pattern on the east and west walls of the great room. 1-1/4"  x 5-1/2" pine boards will be attached to create an applied truss on each elevation.
It's sort of hard to see in this photo but each piece of the applied truss puzzle has been traced onto the newly painted wall with pencil. Too bad I worked on Sunday getting that second coat of paint up . . . they weren't very tidy with their math scribbles. (Grrr!)

The new 5-panel doors were delivered on Monday, too. These doors will match the original 1920 doors found throughout the original house. We look forward to getting them stained and in place!
The door at right is for the pantry, and has reed glass panels rather than wood. Super cool!
Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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