Friday, November 16, 2012

The Week of Snafu

This week was a little "off" at noTTafarm. A series of odd events threw wrenches left and right - so I am glad it is Friday.

Allow me to elaborate, in no particular order:

1.) Wednesday morning, our good coffee maker decided not to work so I had to use my back-up coffee maker.

2.) Friday morning, our back-up coffee maker decided not to work so I had to have a cup of instant! (Those of you who work with me on a daily basis know that this probably led to a little grumpiness until my at-work coffee kicked in.)

3.) Wednesday, the countertop manufacturer came over to make templates of the kitchen and master bath counters. They discovered that the corner drawers I am so proud of will whack right into my stainless steel farm sink if you try and open them. The only solution is to uninstall and move most of the cabinets on the west side of the kitchen south by 2 inches then add a filler strip.  Fortunately, this task was easily completed on Friday.

4.) Tuesday, Scott discovered that the toilet we purchased almost two years ago for use in the remodeled 1920 bathroom wouldn't fit. It seems that the soil stack was positioned two inches too close to the wall. The only solution was to order another new toilet with a shorter rough-in position.

5.) Thursday, Scott was excited to see that the new toilet (along with all the accessories for our new master bath) arrived via freight at his workplace, less than two days after placing the order. As he moved his Escape into position to move the items from the pallet, the Escape decided to remain in "reverse." No amount of moving the gearshift would help, so he had no choice but to call a tow truck. I came to pick him and the toilet and all the accessories up in the Mini...and after an hour of waiting, we were on our way home.

6.) While we were waiting for the tow truck, an expected delivery of wood trim was made at noTTafarm. When we arrived home two hours later, Leo was missing! The silly delivery people let our kitty out in the dark wilderness! Luckily, Bibbers kept an eye on him and they both came running when Scott went outside with the flashlight.

7.) Not only did they let Leo out, the wood trim is not all the correct size. Scott and our Project Manager are going to go through everything but it looks like most of it will need to be re-done.

8.) Monday afternoon, just as the electrician was leaving for the day, he noticed a switch in the parlor that he had missed because the temporary wall had hidden it. It was a few days later when he had time to return and install the switch, thus allowing three light fixtures in the 1920 hallway to finally work.

9.) Also on Monday, the electrician (his name is Troy) was working in the master bath, making-up the wires for the new sconces. The only problem here was when he leaned on the countertop infrastructure, cracking off a big that's going to have to be glued or replaced before the counters go on.

Whew! That's enough whining!

Good things happened this week, too!
A.) I painted the master bedroom, closet, and adjacent hallway...and they look great!
B.) Scott installed the new, new toilet in the 1920 bathroom and it works! I will not reveal who got to piddle first but it wasn't me.
C.) The Escape is repaired and it cost less than $300 so that's no so bad.

Stay Tuned for The Weekend's Progress!

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