Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Special Deliveries

It's election day, America!  Just as Scott and I were headed out the door this morning, aiming to make it to our polling place right at 8 AM, a big truck arrived with our cabinetry! We couldn't resist the urge to take a peek so we stuck around and watched the delivery. 
A sunny morning for cabinet delivery!
The driver earned his pay today, maneuvering with ease around the trees in the south yard. The truck's ramp easily bridged the new patio.
One of the master bath's base cabinets was among the first to be unloaded. The crew of two from Cabinetry by Design unloaded all the parts and placed them in their respective rooms by following a numbered layout. A different set of cabinet dudes (that's right. dudes.) was on-site later in the day to install everything.
The first of the kitchen cabinets brought in was the incredible corner. The special drawers I insisted on are even better than I imagined! I am so glad to have this awesome storage space (4 deep drawers) rather than a traditional lazy susan. The fronts of all the cabinets are solid birch and will soon be stained a dark espresso.
By the end of the day, all of the cabinets were in place!
The refrigerator and microwave will be housed in the kitchen's northeast corner.
I love the width of the cabinets that will flank the range - made all the better by using the exposed-brick chimney to house the range hood exhaust flue.
 Another view of a drawer in the corner cabinet.
Not to be outdone by the beautiful kitchen - the gorgeous master bath vanity! We'll have plenty of storage within this 11'-6" span.

In addition to all the cabinetry, UPS delivered the light fixture for the casual dining area today! Because the 48" wide fixture was delivered to Scott's office fully-assembled, Scott had to strap the box to the top of the Escape to get it home.
Scott took a break during election night TV coverage and opened the giant box.
A whole bunch of tape and bubble wrap secure the fixture. We can install it in the dining area as soon as "someone" paints the ceiling.  I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow after work!
This is a catalog cut of the fixture, a "Flight Ring" by Bruck Lighting. In addition to the lights attached to the perimeter, four spot lights will be added.
Here's a close-up detail shot from the catalog. Each little LED lamp is held to the frame by tiny springs.  Very cool!

Oh my goodness, what a day
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!


  1. Love, love, love the cabinets!! Good job, noTTafarmers!

  2. Thanks, Marie! They really are awesome!

  3. Here's a comment I received via email from Scott's mommy:

    "I just looked at your blog from yesterday and my comment is: WOW!!! The cabinets look great and I love the light fixture over the dining table. I can’t wait to see it all. Things are happening very fast!"

    Mama Marita

  4. Seems like I've seen that cabinet design somewhere before...hmm...oh yeah, in the coolest house in town...mine!

  5. They are close in style but yours are very fancy Cherry :) I can't deny that your house is cool, though!