Monday, October 29, 2012

Dry Wall and Other Progress

The drywall contractor completed his portion of noTTafarm's new addition on Monday. In true drywaller fashion, he left quite a bit of dust behind but other than that, it appears that the walls and ceilings are ready for paint.

In other progress news . . . the weather has not cooperated for the exterior painting. We will wait and see if sunshine and warmer temps coax the painters back on site. 

The electrical contractor seems to be setting his own schedule. At this rate, it will be Valentine's Day before I have any usable outlets or light switches. He has yet to add any wiring to the basement though he did place some conduit last week. We've been parking in the garage but don't have lights or openers. Seriously, what is the hold-up? 

The tile we ordered for the master bath, powder room, and first floor kitchen/circulation spaces is at the warehouse and ready for delivery! Before it is installed, the T. Hurt crew will need to add the substrate and level the floor in the kitchen. 

Many more pieces of the puzzle will be falling in to place during the next few weeks - so, of course, we will keep the blog up-to-date with all the noTTafarm news you can handle.  Until then . . . 
Happy Halloween!
Happy Birthday on October 29th to Mama Marita and on 
October 31st to our Brother-in-Law Alan!
(oh, yes, and to me, too on the 31st)

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