Sunday, October 7, 2012

2 Days + 3 Truckloads = 1 Big Driveway

The T. Hurt crew set up shop here at noTTafarm on Friday to pour, color, and stamp the new southside patio. Thursday afternoon, they finished laying out a grid of reinforcing rebar and the wood forms.
Friday morning, the forms were set and the patio was ready for concrete.
By the time I arrived home from work Friday afternoon, we had one beautiful patio! Of course, Bibbers was the first to enjoy it. (Luckily, the concrete was too far along to have permanent Bibbers prints embedded.)
We chose to have the patio stamped in a random pattern, and colored a darker, slate gray. Pretty spiffy!
 Also on Friday, a step off of the northwest stoop was framed and readied for concrete.
A lot of thought went into the layout of the driveway before the grading began. The crew worked most of Friday to get it ready for concrete.
Bright & shiny (7:45) Saturday morning, the crew arrived. 
Three truckloads of concrete were used throughout the day.
Getting started
Temps were chilly this weekend! The high on Saturday was about 53 but the sunshine kept the mood upbeat.
Wonder where I could get a pair of those yellow boots...pretty cute!
Jarek (orange shirt) worked on-site until well after dark, leaving at around 9PM Saturday. After the concrete was poured, he worked a lot at grading the entire job site with the Bobcat. The surplus dirt that was piled on the east side of the barn when the basement was dug has been reduced by about two-thirds, and our backyard now looks more like an actual yard and not a waste site for lumber odds-and-ends.
Thank you, Jarek!
By 10 o'clock, the third load of concrete had arrived and the work continued down the slope. The existing concrete was sliced to create a nice, clean edge for the new concrete to abut.
This may seem like a large area of concrete but think of the rollerskating I could do! Scott even suggested getting a basketball hoop.
By 12:45 Saturday, the concrete was all in place, including along the courtyard wall. Later in the afternoon, Jarek scored the driveway to create expansion joints. Now we just have to wait the prescribed seven days before we can drive on the new concrete and park in the garage!
 Saturday afternoon, the step off the northwest stoop was created. 
Also on Saturday, expansion joints were cut into the patio. They also rinsed the patio to reveal more of the depth of desired color before covering the whole thing with a tarp for curing.
All in All, A Pretty Great Effort by the Concrete Guys!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!
Drywall on Wednesday (?!)

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