Saturday, October 6, 2012

Insulation Information*

The insulation contractor completed the bulk of their work on Thursday and Friday. It's amazing how quiet it is in the addition now that the walls and ceilings are coated with layers of spray foam insulation. We are also happy to have the extra barrier from the cold; temperatures have dipped to the 30s overnight this week, and we are still furnace-less.
I took this photo Friday morning before leaving for work. The garage was mostly done, and scraped-off scraps nearly covered the floor. By Friday night, all was snug-as-a-bug and cleaned-up. The scraps were carted off by the contractor for recycling.
Friday, they added open cell spray foam to the upper walls in the great room. 
I am trying to understand why some parts of the house are sprayed with "closed cell" while others are sprayed with "open cell". I may have to get my engineering degree in order to properly explain it to you.
The ceiling in the casual dining area.
There are a few spots throughout the addition that will have to be touched up before the drywall can commence. 
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

*This may be lame but clever headlines are difficult to write.

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