Monday, October 29, 2012

Great Grout!

The 1920 bathroom floor has been grouted! After a short delay caused by depleted supplies on Sunday, Scott was able to finish grouting the floor Monday (October 29th) evening. It looks great, and the effort served as good practice for the 7,000 pounds of tile yet to be installed (by us) in the new addition.
And so it begins . . . 
Scott began by grouting the floor in the shower. We chose to use dark gray grout to contrast with the bright white tile.

After the grout was mushed in, Scott used a big sponge to wipe up the excess. Many buckets of water were hauled up and down the stairs to complete this task!
The main floor of the bathroom . . . Scott was about half-way through when the grout supply ran out on Sunday. The haze covering the tile in the foreground will be wiped up with a damp cloth (as soon as Scott is finished with his Klondike bar.)
Now, Who Wants to Help Move the Bathtub Up the Stairs?
Stay Tuned for More!

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