Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday Supper

Scott and I were happy to have company for Sunday dinner! After the Huskers beat the Badgers Saturday in Lincoln, Ray & Jolene and Chris & Chelsie traveled to Omaha to spend the night so they could visit noTTafarm. My mom is recovering from knee replacement surgery so it was a real treat to have her able to visit. Adding to the fun, Tim & Teresa and Clark & Karli came for lunch, too! This was our first big gathering of Ward Family members at noTTafarm since Lumberjack Days, and the first time most of them have seen the construction.
The "old" kitchen was called into action for another big meal. We had pot roast and cornbread, and some delicious fruit salad that Tim made. Yum!
We put the new great room to the test, setting up a 12-ft. long table created by placing a pallet discarded by the siding contractor atop a pair of saw horses. We had comfortable seating for 10 with room to spare. Special appreciation to all of our family (Camps and Wards) for putting up with make-shift construction-zone eating areas for the past two years!
Chris and Chelsie have caught the remodeling bug! They have been saving money in a piggy bank to use toward an updated bathroom, and were able to make a dent in their shopping list at Home Depot. Good luck, kids!

Meanwhile:  coming up this week at noTTafarm . . . the insulation begins, the concrete continues, and we should have more progress made on HVAC.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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