Friday, September 28, 2012

Geothermal Progress and Other Friday Facts

The crew finally returned today (September 28) to continue the geothermal heating/cooling system installation. Each of the four pipes leading from their respective wells is now linked, and a trench was dug from the well field to the house.
The trench has been filled in but the ridge left behind makes it look like a giant mole has taken up residence.

The trench surrounding the well field is still open though protected by a ring of snow fence. I am hoping the crew returns on Monday to finish.
I hope the geothermal system comes with some sort of instruction manual. I'm sure these new valves that were installed in the basement today do something important to keep the house cool and/or warm. For now, I will just look but not touch.
The HVAC ductwork contractor has been working every day, installing all sorts of ducts, return air lines, etc. He will soon have to figure out how to connect the shiny new stuff to the ducts in the original portions of the house.
The plumber recently added a new spigot on the west side of the garage. Neato!
Our old friend Bibbers enjoyed spending time with us as we walked around the job site (or was he really hanging around, hoping to annoy our Leo?)
Leo has found the best spot to observe the noTTafarmyard goings-on. He perches himself on the scupper of the new courtyard patio. His backside usually hangs out the back so he's not "hiding" very well but he sure looks cute!
Of course, Tux is never far away if the other kitties are out and there might be food. All around, a nice evening for the noTTafarm cat family!
Have a Great Weekend! Check Back for Updates!
Go Big Red!

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