Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to Work

Sorry, Loyal Readers, this story contains no photos!  I had a late hair appointment followed by a wild goose chase trying to figure out what to have for dinner . . . so by the time I got home, it was too dark to take photos. You will have to close your eyes and imagine the progress of today.

The day started out strong with the masons and the electricians at the site before 8 o'clock.  Scott and I met with Steve The Cabinet Guy (yes, that's really his last name "The Cabinet Guy."  Isn't that weird?) Anyway - he stopped by this morning to go over our plans for the kitchen and the master bath vanity. He will be building birch cabinetry for both rooms. The painting contractor will stain them with an espresso-color finish.

While we were chatting with Steve The Cabinet Guy, the electricians were beginning their work in the great room. They got a good start today, drilling holes in the studs for wiring, and attaching outlet and light switch boxes.

The plumbers were here, too. They began running PVC pipe through, up, and around the master bathroom.

The masons took down the scaffolding around the fireplace this morning! It is great to see the fireplace in all its glory. There's still a gap around the entire thing, however, which somebody will eventually fill with fireproof insulation and some sort of trim. Once the scaffold was gone, so was the masonry crew. They did not work on the wall on the east side of the house (for some unknown reason.)

Scott had a meeting at lunchtime with a lighting representative. He is seeking ideas for how to properly light the great room and kitchen. All of those high ceilings are a challenge ~ you just can't stick up any old fixture and call it good. The planning continues!

I think Labor Day got everybody off kilter.  I worked like I was in quicksand, and I was in a 72-degree office all day so I'll give our contractors a break, and hope that more gets accomplished tomorrow (and that I get home in time to take pictures.)

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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