Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday: Illustrated

Lots of progress at the project site today!  Lucky for you, Loyal Readers, I was home in time to get some photos to share. Check 'em out!
The east wall of the pantry had a chunk taken out of it - and all because two outlets in the 1972 kitchen decided not to work. Good news: the coffee maker can go back to its proper home.  The bad news: someone has to go ahead and take down that remaining drywall. Good news: now I don't have to pull the wallpaper off that piece!
Scaffolding Is Gone!
Now you can see how gorgeous the fireplace is!
Plumbing Progress
Lots of PVC pipe running throughout the second floor.
Scott checked the master bath vanity supply lines. Yep!  They're five feet apart, just like he wanted.
Laundry Guy
Scott checks out the plumbing for the new laundry closet.
One Man's Trash . . .
Why walk all the way to the dumpster when you can pick through the trash pile on the bedroom floor? Scott just couldn't pass up the chance to take some tidbits of PVC.
Wiring, Too!
The great room wiring is the first to be threaded through the studs.
Now that the fireplace is finished, the masons turned their attention to the wall on the east and north sides of the 1972 addition. It's going to look cool, trust me.
The siding was delivered today! It will soon cover up all of the Tyvek housewrap we've been looking at for the last few weeks.
More Leftovers
Scott found out today that one last 24-ft./2-in. long beam will not be returned to Builders' Supply. Hmmm . . . wonder what he'll do with this?  
Here's a view of the fireplace from the outside.  Equally gorgeous, don't you think?
Pretty Kitty
Leo took a tour of the addition, too.  He is really getting a good idea of where all the good napping spots will be.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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