Monday, September 24, 2012

Inspection Day: Pass or Fail?

The electrical and plumbing inspectors both visited the project site today.  Both gave us a "PASS" which means they approve the work done up to this point. Yay!

Also on Monday:  the new addition was treated for termites.  (Sorry, Termites. You'll have to take up residence elsewhere.)

As I type this:  Scott is in the new addition running his AV cabling for Internet, satellite TV, and land-line phone. He needs to get it all done before next week. (Why do we still have a land-line? Mainly because it allows caller ID display on the TV.)

Tuesday Morning:  Scott has a meeting with Darin (our GC PM). They will be discussing next-steps with the wood trim contractor and the insulation contractor.

Scheduled for Thursday:  The geothermal contractor will return to dig the trench from the wells to the house . . .then hook-up all of the piping and install the equipment in the basement.

On Tap for Next Week:  In addition to turning the calendar to October (how did that happen so quickly?), our concrete crew will return to pour the driveway and the new south patio.

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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