Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Winds Down with Masonry Progress

The second full month of our little construction project has come to a close.  On Friday, the masons finished creating the concrete cap for the chimney.  They then began working on the wall adjacent to the east porch.
Chimney Complete!
Maybe they'll be able to take the scaffolding down on Tuesday.
East Wall
The masonry crew got a good start on the new "courtyard" wall.  The finished wall will step between three and four feet tall.  Then, the space surrounding the two porches will be filled with concrete, creating a neat little patio.
Grant Street Mementos
Scott had the masons utilize his remaining stockpile of Kasota limestone, leftover from the front porch rebuild of our former home.  They will also incorporate six bricks from Grant Street (Scott is pointing at the first to be put in place.)  The rest of the brick is identical to the fireplace but we are using a different color of mortar to more closely match the 1972 fireplace on the east side of the house.

After the Labor Day holiday, watch for these scheduled events:
~ Continued work by the HVAC contractor, installing ductwork
~ Plumbing and electrical begin
~ Meetings with cabinetry, security, and lighting contractors
~ And maybe some surprises (you just never know!)

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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