Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

The construction activities during the past week have been important but not especially "showy." Once the siding was done, we were able to sleep until 6:30 (what a relief!) and the work being done by the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC proceeded at a good pace. Electrical and plumbing inspections are scheduled for tomorrow (Monday), and inspections for HVAC ductwork and the framing will also occur soon.  Once those elements are given the "OK", the project will continue with insulation and drywall. It's crazy to think that in two or three weeks, we could have real walls ready for paint! We have a lot of work of our own to catch up on, too. 
The electrician "made up" the wiring throughout the addition. Once drywall is done, he'll come back to install the actual outlets and light switches.

Scott spent three-plus hours Friday evening and Saturday morning vacuuming all of the sawdust and dirt throughout the addition - all so that we could take down the temporary barriers between the old and new, and live for the weekend in our "opened-up" house. The view in this photo is from the original 1920 front door (on the south side of the house) looking through the "parlor" and into the kitchen and great room. It really felt fantastic to have the house opened but having an operable furnace would have been nice when temps dipped into the 30s overnight. 

On Saturday (September 22nd), we were excited to welcome Nick, Brooke & Allie to lunch at noTTafarm! Allie has grown so much since we saw her way back in June at Lumberjack Days. She tried her best to chase Leo around the great room.

 Daddy Nick knows how to control his rambunctious 15-month old.

While Brooke and Allie went to meet a friend across town, Nick got to help Scott with a project. He used the sawz-all, the nail gun, and a it was a good couple of hours. The whole family arrived decked out in their KSU Purple, ready to cheer their Cats to a victory over the Sooners.

Scott took advantage of a small space behind the pantry, and framed a small closet. We're going to put a few coat hooks and a small shelf here for easy access to the new east door.

Leo has already learned that the new east door can be opened for him - all he has to do is sit there and meow loudly, repeatedly, and the door opens (like magic!)

Carl and Marita stopped by to see the "opened up" house on Sunday. So far, we have their stamp of approval!
The architect ponders the upcoming work . . . 
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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