Friday, September 14, 2012

Concrete Brings "Courtyard" to Life

T. Hurt's crew arrived on Thursday morning to complete the concrete work on the east and north sides of the 1972 addition.  We now have a really neat concrete slab that wraps around, creating a nice little patio.  Check out their hard work:
The first step after smoothing the dirt was to add all of the reinforcing and the forms for the stairs.
The concrete arrived and was pumped to the site; it made quite a racket and filled the house with diesel fumes (but it was worth it.)
The square opening was prepared for its new life as a through-wall scupper. (Don't you just love the word "scupper?")
More reinforcing, looking toward the north.
A peek through the north door . . . you can see the big tube of concrete being pumped onto the porch.
By the end of Thursday's work day, the concrete was all in place - troweled and scored and looking good. This patio turned out quite a bit larger than I had imagined, and will be a great place to have a row of chairs or a small table set.
The crew also made time on Thursday to pour new concrete steps in the basement.  They knocked quite a hole in the 1920 wall to link the rooms.  Leo has already discovered this new secret passageway into the addition, and has fun hunting crickets in the new basement.
All in a Day's Work for Our Awesome Concrete Guys!

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