Sunday, March 31, 2013

Powder Room Progress

The long-neglected first floor powder room finally got some attention this weekend. Scott is working hard to get the bathroom ready for tile and was able to tie-up several loose ends.
In order to hook-up the ventilation fan, a piece of flexible duct had to be fed to the 1972 attic space. Scott adapted a piece of PVC pipe so that the duct could pass through the wall of the 1920 house to the 1972 attic. Lucky for us, Scott had saved this piece of PVC for approximately 16 years. It was leftover from a drain tile project at Grant Street.
The ventilation fan is secured in the 1972 attic. Scott placed the fan in the attic during the summer of 2011.
 Struggling with the flexible duct was not very fun!

After a few more things were buttoned-up, Scott installed cement board around the perimeter of the room. He's happy with the amount of work accomplished this weekend, and is ready to install drywall and Duroc on the floor.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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