Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Cat with No Name

While Scott was working on the Coat Cubby, he noticed a new kitty enjoying the cat food in the courtyard. We have not seen this shaggy little guy before but he's pretty cute. What should we name him/her? Any ideas are welcome!
Will this little guy become a noTTafarm regular? Stay tuned to find out!

In other cat news . . . Monday night, Scott noticed yet another cat stuck in one of the new basement window wells! Much like the Bibbers tragedy of January, a fluffy yellow and white cat was stuck in the southern of the two west window wells. This time, the step ladder did the trick; the cat was gone this morning. Scott believes he has seen this particular cat around before but he's not one of our regulars. I can tell you that he was NOT happy about being stuck, and hissed and hit the window if you got too close.
Since I didn't take any photos, the illustration above will give you an idea of the cat's appearance.
Stay Tuned for More Animal Tales!

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