Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bibbers Survives Scary Episode

Bibbers The Barn Cat had been missing for a few days. Scott discovered him Tuesday night, trapped in one of the new basement's window wells! We think he had been there two or three days.  He dug an indention in the gravel in one corner to stay warm. We opened the window to give him some food and water, then lowered a ladder down into the 6-ft-deep well. Since he's not one to let us touch or carry him, we had hoped that he had the strength to climb up and out. 

Later Tuesday evening, with Bibbers curled up and sleeping in a corner, we lowered Leo's travel carrier into the well with a cozy rug inside so he would have a little shelter for the night. Wednesday morning, Scott shimmied down the ladder, snagged the carrier with a still-sleeping Bibbers inside, and carried him to his home in the barn. Bibbers Rescue Mission 2013 was deemed a success! He seems to be no worse for the wear and back to his normal noTTafarm activities.

Wouldn't you know we'd have all of this excitement, and I never thought to take any pictures?  Here's a photo of the window well, taken August 22nd.
And here's a picture of Bibbers taken May 29th.
Stay Tuned for Bibbers' Next Adventure!

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  1. Doris emailed Scott and me this story about a critter that met a different end in one of noTTafarm's original window wells:
    An experience we had within the last 10 years:

    Rich and I went to watch a grandchild in an ice skating competition. When we walked in, it seemed like everybody was staring at us and we discussed it and decided because we were, "newcomers" to this competition. Well, we went to sit with our family and one by one they asked us what the skunk smell was. Well, because the skunk had fallen in a window well, south east corner of the house, the "thing" had fought and fought to get out of that well, all the time apparently spraying all he had in him. Because this happened during the night, we must have become acclimated to the smell (course we were sleeping on the second floor). We went home and discovered the, "thing" in the window well. A grandchild solved our problem but that smell was so bad and had apparently gone on so long that the smell came clear through the cement blocks. We used everything in the world to get rid of that smell in the basement and finally somebody told us we could just as well leave it alone and the smell would disappear by itself. It did but we spent at least $80 on cleaning supplies that did not work. Now, I am not sure if my story above even makes sense but remember i am 85 years old so that is my excuse. I am too tired to change any of it but the story is there. After your cat incident, I remembered our skunk incident. Thanks for listening.