Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kitchen Details Shine Through

Friday evening, after the excitement of the new flooring died down, we tackled the task of installing the drawer and door pulls in the kitchen. I thought I was being such a savvy shopper by purchasing stainless steel bar pulls at Ikea last September but wouldn't you know that the screws supplied by the manufacturer were an inch too short? After a trip to the hardware store, we were ready to get started.
Scott marked the holes for drilling with the use of a handy template purchased for just this task.
Once the holes were marked, it was a cinch to drill, add the screw, and attached the stand-offs and bars.
Leo watched Scott ready the corner drawers for their small round pulls. Sadly, we need to make another trip to the hardware store for screws that are the correct length.
While at Lowe's, Scott selected LED undercabinet lights which the electrician will hard wire.
Saturday, Scott installed the kitchen faucet and sprayer. The plumbing is not yet hooked-up but the faucet is ready to work.
Now with most of the lighting installed, the drawer pulls in place, and the faucet installed, my kitchen is nearing completion! Major components still to-come are the flooring and the open shelving (which Scott is designing to fill the opening at the right in the photo above.)

Speaking of flooring:  the sub-floor for the tile will be installed on Monday (Jan. 7th). This is the last step necessary before tiling can begin. And: the great room wood flooring will be installed on Thursday (Jan. 10th) which means that particular space will be completely, 100% done by Friday. (OK...maybe 90%...we still have to finish and install baseboards!) 

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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