Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to Work for Us and Them

Monday (New Year's Eve), while we were showing off our progress to our buddy Sonya, our project manager stopped by to discuss a "to do" list with Scott. While we were sad to go back to our "real" jobs Wednesday, we were pleased to see the woodwork crew and electricians both return to tackle more tasks. 
The colonnade wall is taking shape!
The oak trim that was original to the space dividing the 1920 parlor and dining room was lost long ago but it has been Scott's intent to reintroduce this feature. The crew assembled one of the columns and added all of the trim which outlines the colonnade.
The recessed-panel columns arrived in pieces which the crew assembled. Each column will be finished with crown molding and trim at the bottom. Then, "someone" will get to stain and poly all!
The electricians added two cable light fixtures in the kitchen; one running east to west and the other running north to south. Combined, the fixtures will hold nine mini spot lights - plenty of light to illuminate every nook and cranny in the kitchen! We will most likely require dimmers or charge for the tanning service our visitors will receive.
Let's See What Gets Done Tomorrow!
Meet Me Back Here Thursday Night

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