Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Orange You Glad" I Posted This Photo?

Monday morning, as scheduled, a subcontractor installed the Schluter DITRA underlayment for the first floor areas that will soon receive porcelain tile. This polyethylene membrane has a grid structure of square cavities, each cut back in a dovetail configuration, and an anchoring fleece laminated to its underside. The DITRA serves as an uncoupling layer, waterproofing membrane, and vapor management layer that accommodates moisture from beneath the tile covering - performing all these functions while still providing adequate support/load distribution for the tile covering. 

Can you tell I copied that description from the manufacturer's web site? It seems fancy but all I know is our floors are really, really orange! 

It sure is nice to have most of the OSB sub-floor covered! We've been walking on some sort of particle board throughout the house for a long time. Real flooring is just a few days (weeks?) away!
I must say the orange is growing on me. Such a cheerful note when you walk in the door.

Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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