Saturday, January 12, 2013

And Now for the Tile

After months of planning, several consultations with the tile supplier, a couple of trips to Home Depot, and an Escape full of mortar and grout, the time has finally arrived. The first floor tiling began today (Saturday, January 12).

While I was out this morning at a church conference, Scott had help from his dad (Carl) and Kevin (of the New People). Their first task was to lay out a large section to make sure the herringbone pattern selected by our loyal readers (thanks, Voters!) would work. It's going to be great - despite the tile supplier's words of caution. He told Scott he'd have to be committed for trying it but since this little construction project of ours has already driven him crazy, he shouldn't suffer too much.
Wouldn't you know it? The tile saw Scott purchased last year to work on the 1920 bathroom is too small to cut the 12x24 tile. After a quick trip to Home Depot and a short lunch break, Scott and Kevin assembled the new tile saw. What's a Saturday at noTTafarm without a new power tool?
Kevin missed the first test of the tile saw due to a broadcast of the KU basketball game. How is it again that a Jayhawk is our friend? Thank you, Kevin, for your help today!!
Carl and Scott approve of the new saw's abilities. It's much more powerful than the older model, and should do a fine job with the jillions of tile cuts to come.
Leo is the Best Helper!
Nothing makes it easier to work than having a tabby cat hanging out with you.
And so it begins!
With a little help from Carl and me, Scott got a great start on the dining area floor. Much more work is to come, and Carl has promised to return Sunday morning to pitch in. Me? After church ushering duties, I am going prom dress shopping with Karli so the boys will have a nag-free afternoon.(Side note: can you believe my baby niece is a senior in high school already?)
Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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