Monday, January 14, 2013

First Shower Taken on Second Floor!

Since he wasn't in the mood for the hard work of tiling this evening, Scott made himself productive in the 1920 bathroom. 
What's that?
You thought we finished it months ago?  No, no, dear reader. 
It's still a work in progress but as of a few moments ago, it has a working shower - the first on the second floor of this 92 year old house.
The Kohler Bancroft shower head is about 8 inches wide.
Woo Hoo! It works!
The shower valve has a white porcelain handle. The cubbies Scott created will hold shampoo and soap.
 Next step, drilling holes for the shower rod. 
 Then, installing the curved shower rod.
All done!*
*Well, except for hooking up the bathtub, installing wood trim around the door and window, and adding hardware to the window and door. Scott took a quick shower this evening and reports that water pressure is great, and the rainwater-style shower head is just right.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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