Thursday, January 3, 2013

Progress Continues on Thursday

Even though the electrician didn't make it today, the woodworking crew was back and so was the HVAC guy (finally!) The beautiful colonnade wall is complete, and the pantry door is up. The return air ductwork has been installed, and register vents now cover holes in the walls around the house. A good day, all-in-all!
 The completed colonnade (from the kitchen to the south, into the parlor.) 
The moulding on each column adds great detail. 
It's amazing how much this addition has dressed-up the joint!
 The pantry door is now hanging courtesy of its barn door hardware. 
Even Leo approves!
The range hood was installed today!
Scott spent about an hour peeling all of the protective plastic covering off of various pieces. Why that wasn't done before it was assembled and installed is a mystery. The hood is not yet electrically hooked-up but at least it's in the correct spot.
Remember the Powder Room?
The HVAC guy finally installed the duct leading from the basement up through the powder room and into the 1920 bathroom. We now have heat coming directly into the bathroom! The powder room will be finished soon, I promise.
Since staining woodwork didn't seem appealing, and being TV-watching bums was out of the question, we decided to add more lamps to the cable light installed in the kitchen. The electrician did the difficult task of running the cables yesterday so we figured we could hang the lamps. My job was to open each box and peel  the labels off each piece.
It took a bit of thinking, aiming, and mathing to choose the placement for the six lamps. . . 
. . . but the end result is great! 
The electrician needs to do just a few more things before he's done with our little project:  install cable lighting in the great room to highlight the fireplace, install the pendants above the peninsula, and install the switch on the laundry closet light. Hopefully, he will return on Friday to make more progress!

We are also anticipating the installation of the second floor wood flooring. Stay tuned to see if this long-awaited task is finally completed!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!


  1. Wow. It's beautiful! I'm sure you're excited to see it come together and assume you plan to make a book of this process when you're done ....

    Happy New Year

  2. Thanks so much, Karna! I have thought about turning the blog into a book . . . or getting advice from a well-known freelance author on how to go about doing such as thing ;) If you and the family are ever in the area, I hope you get a chance to stop by!