Thursday, January 17, 2013

Progress Update: Thursday Edition

Two people at work today chided me because I haven't updated the blog since (gasp!) Monday. So - here's what's been happening at noTTafarm 'lo these past three days. 
Our plumber, Tony, stopped by today to wrap up a few final things. We now have running water in the new kitchen, and the new refrigerator will have water for the ice maker. He also installed shut-off valves in the master bathroom so (someday soon) it will have functioning sinks.
 The copper line for the ice maker is coiled and ready.
The shut-off valves in the master bathroom have nothing to shut off - yet. 
The flooring contractor also stopped by Thursday to install the wooden floor registers. 
Scott and I worked on laying more tile Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. We've figured out a system and things are going much quicker than on this past Saturday or Sunday. We are looking forward to diving right in again Friday night and straight through Sunday to get as much done as possible!
The Herringbone Pattern is Shining Through!
It hasn't been that difficult to keep track of the pattern, and we are quite pleased with the look, so far!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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