Sunday, March 3, 2013

Clock Begins to Tick on Final Projects

No more time to take our time! We locked in our mortgage rate this week which means that in less than 60 days, the construction loan magically turns into a mortgage but only after the appraiser stops by to give the house his final "OK." The bulk of the items on our "to-do" list needs to be crossed off before April 20th so we have rededicated ourselves to getting stuff done, and made a decent start this weekend.
Saturday morning, Scott set out to move the dishwasher from the old kitchen to its new home. Finally, the new kitchen would have all of its appliances installed and operating!
He even had the instruction manual ready, just in case. 
Everything went smoothly, and the dishwasher was ready to test. Scott flipped the breaker switch on, and then the newly required shut-off switch under the sink, and . . . the entire house died. Not just the kitchen . . . the power throughout the house was dead. No amount of flipping switches in the panel worked, so Scott called the electrician. Shane explained to Scott where the main breaker switch was located, and once he flipped it, the power came back on.

Scott then had to solve the mystery of why this snafu occurred. First, he checked the power connection at the dishwasher but that was done correctly. Next, he checked the shut-off switch under the sink. The dishwasher and garbage disposal share a junction box which has an outlet to plug-in the disposal. Scott discovered the power going to the outlet was incorrectly tied to the dishwasher switch instead of the outlet, so when the switch was flipped, the circuit for the disposal became tied to the dishwasher circuit causing the main panel breaker to trip. Swapping the black disposal wire to the outlet and the black dishwasher wire to the switch fixed the problem and everything worked like it should.
Good job, Scotty!
Since a large variety of tasks all over the house need to be completed, Scott worked on refurbishing the old register vent for use in the 1920 bathroom. He had to use the Dremel tool to reshape the edges of the vent so that it would fit around the bathtub connection and the cove base of the new tile.
After two fresh coats of glossy spray paint, the vent was installed and looks pretty spiffy.
Scott also hung up a chrome shelf for extra storage.
While Scott worked on the bathroom tasks, I broke out the rubber gloves and stain. The pantry door and trim look even better after two coats of stain. I hope to keep the momentum going, and continue to stain a little bit each evening. The only bad part about staining is that it has to be followed by two coats of poly...and that stuff stinks. But, with 50-degree temps forecast for next weekend, we may be able to have a window or two open.
Leo kept watch over the weekend's activities, of course.
Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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