Monday, March 11, 2013

Snow, Stain, Snow

The weatherman missed the boat this time. No dire predictions of a major snow "event" . . .no warnings from the mayor to stay off the roads . . .just a good ol' fashioned Sunday snow storm to wind down our winter. I made it to church in time to help usher the other 19 people that braved the wind, then made it home and hunkered down with Scott, Leo, and Wilson to work on baseboards and door trim.
While I was at church, Scott installed the baseboards in the pantry! These are the first of many that we'll process over the next few weeks.
The new fiberglass door at the east end of the connector required gel stain. I trusted Scott's steady hand with the brush for this task while I sanded and stained baseboards in the basement.

By 6PM Sunday, we had about seven inches of heavy, wet snow blanketing everything. Scott went out in the Ranger for about an hour to clear the driveway. Snow continued to fall overnight, adding another inch or two.

Monday evening, I finally got to stain the colonnade! My effort got a "thumbs up" from the boss, so I was quite pleased with myself. Tomorrow after work, I will add two coats of poly.
I also put two coats of wipe-on poly on the baseboards that were stained yesterday. These will be ready for Scott to install Tuesday, and then I can sand, stain, and poly the next batch.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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