Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back to Base-ics

As the finish work continues, our attention this week turned to base boards and wood trim. We've been measuring, cutting, staining, and poly-coating lots and lots of pine. We still have a way to go but at least we have a system down so we know what to expect.
I was responsible for staining the trim and doors in the entryway. Here's a "before" picture, complete with Leo ready to watch the fun.
Meanwhile, Scott cut the baseboards to size then stained each piece on a big table in the basement. He made many, many trips up and down the stairs Saturday to make sure all the parts and pieces fit correctly. We were lucky to have Carl spend Saturday with us, too! He did a great job of staining.  Thanks, Dad! After two coats of stain, the baseboards will get two coats of poly before being nailed into place.
By 5PM Saturday, I had two coats of stain on the door leading to the garage and the trim around three doors. I need to buy some gel stain to take care of the big entry door so stay tuned for that! It's amazing how much better all of the wood looks with a little color!
Scott fits each piece of baseboard then labels its location before taking the pieces back downstairs for stain. We hope to begin installing it on Sunday, beginning with the pantry. 
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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