Monday, March 18, 2013

Sand, Stain, Poly, Sand, Wipe, Poly Repeat

This past week, we've continued the woodwork finishing effort. It's been a lot of the same motions over-and-over but we're making good progress.
There's Lots of Sanding . . .
After the first coat of brush on poly dries, 220 sandpaper takes off all the little bumps and leaves a smooth surface.
There's Lots of Wiping . . . 
After the first coat of poly is sanded, a tack cloth removes all the dust.
There's Lots of Poly-ing. . . 
In addition to the first coat of brush-on, everything gets a second coat of wipe-on poly. It's less stinky than the brush-on and easier to do (for me, anyway.)
. . . And No More Frog Tape!
The best part about finishing a section of woodwork is removing the green frog tape. The woodwork looks great and we're getting closer to being "done."
Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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