Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Family Dinner Tests New Space

With Portland residents niece Kate and her boyfriend Alessio in town for the first time in months, Marita summoned all of the Camps for a family dinner Monday evening. Before we sat down for a roasted chicken dinner, Scott played tour guide, and showed his brother, niece, and nephews all of the updates. I was thrilled to be able to really test the capabilities of the new kitchen and am pleased to report that preparing food for a crowd was relatively painless.
Lingering over Dinner
We pushed three tables together to provide plenty of space for 12 diners (and room to spare.) It was great to have everyone seated together, and conversation was easy (ranging from how to squeeze toothpaste to NCAA basketball.)
Kate was reunited with Wilson
As you'll remember, Wilson came to us a few months back after originally living with Kate in Denver. She and our great niece Sophie were happy that he has settled in to the noTTafarm branch of the family.
The Camp Kids
Pete with his Sophie, Carl ("Na"), Marita ("NaNa"), Kate,  Andrew, Pat
The Camp Family
Scott, Kristin, Kathleen (Pat's newly-announced fiancee!), Pat, Andrew, Pete & Sophie, Kate, Marita, Jeff, Alessio, and Carl. We were only missing Tonya who stayed home, under the weather.
We hope to have big family gatherings more often!

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