Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Project Potpourri

In addition to continuing the staining/poly-coating effort, several other projects had our attention over the weekend. On Saturday, Carl made a good effort at sanding the formerly-wallpapered walls in the long-neglected 1972 entry hallway. Scott worked for an hour or so at framing the openings in the library wall. Now it's up to me to scrape any remaining wallpaper before we can finally get this area ready for painting.
 Believe it or not, this messy wall is 100% better than it was before the sanding began.
But whose great idea was it to use a power sander? 
Every surface of the library and old kitchen was covered by fine white dust. <sigh>
Saturday afternoon, Carl began sanding the woodwork on the connector landing. Throughout the day and again on Sunday, he tirelessly ran a sanding block over every surface of the bank of east-facing windows and the doors to the closet, laundry closet, and bedroom. Let me tell you - that pine is smooth! I am looking forward to attacking these areas with stain later this week.
Someone give this man a medal! He works way too hard.
While Carl sanded, Scott prepared Duroc for the floor of the master bathroom. He got all of the pieces measured, cut, mortared, taped, and mortared again. Could it be that we will soon begin the tiling process yet again?
Sealing the seams and screw holes with mortar
On Saturday, I concentrated on staining and poly-coating a basement full of baseboards. By Sunday afternoon, Scott was able to install the rest of them in the first floor connector and entry way.
Some of these will end up in the master bedroom. Not many left to cut, fit, stain and poly!
Sunday evening after the baseboards were installed, Scott trimmed out the newly-dubbed Coat Cubby in the east entry. We now have six stainless hooks available for coats and what-not.
Even the tiny Coat Cubby has complete baseboards. 
Be sure to take a peek next time you visit (but don't hurt your neck craning to see the corners.
Working on the Coat Cubby Coat Rack
I forgot to mention that Scott finished staining and poly-coating the new entry door. It looks so beautiful!
The finished Coat Cubby!

That was a busy weekend! I wonder what we'll get accomplished this week?
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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