Sunday, March 31, 2013

Staining Monopolizes the Weekend (Again)

Now that the woodworking effort on the first floor is complete, the staining fun moved to the second floor. I've really gotten the hang of staining, and Scott is able to concentrate on tougher stuff like preparing two bathrooms for tile. Check out the progress!
Before heading off to church for Good Friday services, I was able to get the first coat on the small closet door and trim. The trim extends to the inside of the closet, too, so it's twice as much fun!

Saturday morning, I got started by putting the first coat on the laundry closet doors and trim. Scott turned the washer and dryer 90-degrees so I could reach the above-door trim on the inside of the closet. The next time you visit, I hope you poke your head inside our closets to see all of this work I'm going through!
After the second coat of stain was on both closets, I turned my attention and nitrile-gloved hands to the big bank of east-facing windows. It took almost three hours to get the first coat done since every edge of the windows needed coverage. The second coat went on quickly after lunch on Sunday.
The door to the master bedroom was the next to get a first coat. Sadly, I used up my last roll of green Frog tape so will make yet another run to Home Depot tomorrow to stock up. I tried really hard to do all of this staining without making a mess and the tape offers some protection against my sloppiness.
To use up the remaining stain from gallon number two before stopping for the weekend, I put one coat on the hallway side of our master closet door. I will continue the staining effort throughout the week with the goal of spending next weekend applying three coats of poly to everything.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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