Monday, April 8, 2013

More of the Same

Hello, Devoted Readers! We've had a busy week of the same stuff we had a busy week with last week when we were busy!

Pardon my silliness. I think that the stain and poly fumes are getting to me...

As I was saying . . .we've made more progress on the windows and trim finishing, and the powder room. Scott has the Duroc and drywall all in place, and we should actually begin tiling this week. 
This is the first time in over two years that the poor little powder room has had walls and a sturdy floor. We were quick to tear it out but it had to wait a while for its day in the sun. The room is pretty small so we are anticipating a quick turn-around ("quick" in Scotty time, not actual time.) We'll be using the same tile as was utilized on the floor in the kitchen and connector.

While Scott worked on the powder room, I continued my quest to coat every window and door and piece of trim on the second floor with two coats of stain and three coats of poly. I've made great progress, and am about half-way done applying the first coat of poly throughout. 
The door to the deck off our bedroom offers a good example of two coats of stain vs. one coat of stain. Can you tell the difference?
Even the little attic access doors have to be treated like the door trim. Scott is going to create a panel to fit the opening by using some leftover flooring. It will look pretty spiffy when complete! (That should give you something to look forward to.)
Stay Tuned for More Progress!
Scott is taking a break this evening to do our taxes; keep your fingers crossed for a stress-free effort and a good result!

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