Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Fire Ring Up and Running!

Since the weather was soooo nice Saturday, we just couldn't resist spending a little time outside. We escaped from our regular routine of new construction, and headed outdoors to set up the fire ring. Prior to the beginning of construction last June, the fire ring had been located north of the house. We selected a new site west of the great room.
It's sort of a long story...but when steel was ordered for the deck outside the master bedroom, two corner pieces were made incorrectly. Scott suggested that the two 50-pound solid steel pieces form the center ring of the new fire pit.
The Ranger toted the cinder blocks from their storage pile. I helped Scott load them up by offering moral support and taking photos. (Those things are heavy!)
Scott laid the blocks in a circle about three free out from the steel fire box.
Voila! Just like that, the fire pit was in action! The large brush pile in the background was created by clearing trees for new construction. It's just one of many that need to be eliminated so I'm sure the new fire ring will come in handy.
S'mores Anyone?

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