Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dirt Work Complete

By the time we got home from work on Monday, the digging was done.  The Bobcats, dump truck, and road cones were gone and the driveway was swept clean.  All that was left was a big ol' hole in the ground!  Scott and I surveyed the progress . . . 
Scott stands where the hostas once grew.  
The concrete steps on the north side are also gone.  
The great room's basement is ready for concrete.  It's nearly 9 feet deep!  The stump in the foreground is what is left of the locust tree cut down on Lumberjack Day. 
 Construction Site Indicator No. 1:  a big dumpster parked by the barn!
Construction Site Indicator No. 2:  a porta-potty!
It was delivered while we were outside working.
One last look at the fire pit.
We dismantled it, stacking the blocks until its new location is selected.
 Scott scooped up the giant pile of the ashes and loaded them in the Ranger for dumping.

The Ranger is just the right size to fit in the big dumpster.  It took Scott three loads to eliminate the ash pile (but I think he was just looking for an excuse to use his little truck.)

Later this week, we hope that the power company will arrive to take down the transformer so the electrical service can be moved.  The foundation contractor should also be able to start his work.  Scott has a meeting on Thursday to go over the window and door order with the Pella rep.  So - progress is being made!

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure - and 
Keep Cool This Week!

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