Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's Really Going to Happen . . . Soon!

After nearly two years of ownership, more than six months of planning, and countless nerve-wrecking moments, the new construction of the addition is about to begin!  
  • Yesterday (June 18), we finalized our construction financing.  
  • Today, our construction manager (Darin) and Scott figured out where and when to move the air conditioning unit (it will be done on Friday) so we can continue to use it through the summer. 
  • Tomorrow, the power company is coming out to figure out where and when to move the light/power pole. 
  • Darin told Scott today that they may even start removing top soil from the construction area on Friday!  
After all the dreaming and talking, it's so great to finally see some action!
Stay Tuned for Details!

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