Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Recap of Lumberjack Days: Sunday Edition

Even though the number of participating Lumberjacks was smaller on Day Two, the enthusiasm continued!  We decided to take it relatively easy on Sunday after everyone worked so hard in Saturday's heat.  The only goal of the day was to round up the tree trunks and pile them together so they would be ready for the sawmill.
First Things First!
Coffee in the shade of the walnut tree. 
LuAnn, Brooke, Allie, Chelsie, Jolene, Monica

The boys used Scott's trailer (pulled by the Ranger) to haul the pine logs to the designated spot east of the house.  They joined two big logs of Osage orange that were cut on New Years Eve.
This group of smarties used every trick they could to wrangle the logs on to the trailer.
Mark, Ray, Chris, Nick, Scott, Tyler
 Sometimes it took some good old-fashioned lifting.
 Lining the bed of the trailer with long pieces of sub-floor helped scoot the second log into place.
Going for a Ride
Gramma LuAnn and Great Uncle Scott took Allie in the Ranger.  She enjoyed watching her daddy through the back window!
Family Portrait
Brooke, Nick & Allie
Locust Lugging
The trunk pieces from the locust tree were too big for the Ranger and Trailer combo.  Dad chained the logs to his truck and dragged them to the pile.  Good thing this portion of the yard will soon be dug up during construction! 
Littlest Lumberjill
The best part about Lumberjack Days is spending time with friends and family!  We have had a lot of fun this past year getting to know Allie Nicole, and can't wait to have her visit noTTafarm again soon.

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!
Construction of the New Addition Soon Begins (at last!)

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