Monday, June 4, 2012

Fun With the Trail Cam

It had been a month or so since we set up the trail camera, so let's see what a recent evening captured, shall we?
As predicted, Bibbers was the most-frequently photographed animal on the east porch.  He serves as noTTafarm's bouncer, allowing only one guest-at-a-time to approach the food bowl. 

Our buddy Morty made an appearance after dark.

Dang raccoon had to go and show off, standing upright.

Sssstttrrrrreetch!  Good morning, Bibbers!

 Neither rain nor sleet nor hail nor Bibbers shall keep our mailman from delivering a package to the porch.

Friday afternoon conference with Kristin, Scott, and Leo.  It was raining but was it raining enough to call it quits on the yard work we were doing?  Yes...yes, it was.

Bibbers is always ready for his close-up!

You Never Know What We Will See at noTTafarm!

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