Monday, June 11, 2012

Recap of 2nd Annual Lumberjack Days!

Saturday and Sunday, June 9 and 10, will be a weekend that Scott and I won't soon forget!  We had the chance to show-off noTTafarm's charms to more than 40 people, many of whom worked incredibly hard in 90-degree heat.  It was hard to capture all the activity with my camera, and I'm pretty sure I missed taking photos of some of our guests but the pictures below will give you a great idea of the fun activities!
 The scene was set with the pennant banner hanging on the barn.
The first Lumberjacks to arrive on Saturday were Sara and Kevin.  
You may know them as "The New People" that purchased our Grant Street house.  We're thrilled to now call them "friends!"

Niece Chelsie and her boyfriend Chris came from Kearney with Ray and Jolene.
All the girls pitched in to get Saturday's lunch ready.  I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of helpers!
Sara, Monica, Marita, Jolene, and LuAnn
The first trees to come down were two large but dead pine trees, victims of the pesky pine beetle disease.
Chris, Kevin, Mark, Carl
 Dad notched the second pine on the south edge of our property.
Four generations of Ward women!
Jolene, Brooke, LuAnn, and Allie

The crew made short work of parceling the pine.  
The limbs went into a pile to be burned when the wind is a bit more calm!  The majority of the trunk will be milled into planks.
The Norgards Stopped By!
How wonderful to have a visit from former noTTafarm residents Doris, Janis, and Julie!  Here they are chatting with Jolene and Marita.  They took a tour of the house and gave their approval of the work done, so far.  We can't wait to show them the finished product sometime later this year!
After lunch, the boys started plotting how to take down the locust tree.
Tyler, Chris, Ray, Tim, and Mark
Dad starts by notching the locust.  
A "come-along" was previously tied to the upper part of the tree.  Tim hooked the other end to his truck (Shirley) and provided the tension. This lovely tree was sacrificed to make way for the new great room.

Almost through the trunk.
That's Scott's boss, Ken, in the center of the photo (in the white shirt).  He was a great help!
There it goes!
Note how Ken is skedaddling out of the way!  The tree fell slightly more to the northwest than anticipated.
LuAnn had a great view of the falling tree.

Scott and his trusty Farm Boss helped make short work of the locust limbs.
K-State vs. KU
Being a loyal reader of the blog, Kevin couldn't help but notice my family is full of enthusiastic Kansas State University fans.  He chose his Kansas University Jayhawk hat purposefully to give Mark and the rest of the Wildcats a bit of trouble.
At last year's Lumberjack Days, Brooke kept us wondering when her baby would arrive. This year, we were excited to spend time with our nearly one-year-old great niece Allie Nicole!
Woodchopping Injury Number 8,710  for Ray
Of course, my daddy has to play too rough and require a band-aid or two.
Ray's chainsaw got stuck.  Scott and Tim figured out how to pull the tree with the Escape to loosen the grip. 

After some hard work in the afternoon sun, a cool cup of lemonade hit the spot!  Note my cute "Timber" banner and awesome new Pottery Barn beverage dispenser (it's all about the presentation, after all.)
Stacking Firewood
Mark, Chris, Kevin G., Tyler

Cutest Couple Award Winners!
LuAnn and Mark seem to keep getting younger even now that they're grandparents.
Mom Porch
I set up the south-facing porch to be a nice place for two elegant ladies to spend a summer afternoon.  Probably should have left the squirt guns out of their gift basket!
Marita to the Rescue!
Jolene's victim caught up to her but partner-in-crime Marita was close by to negotiate a release.
Sneak Attack
Marita used the Ranger as a shield to pelt her youngest son with water.
Show Off
Ray split a few logs for good measure.
Scott and Megan
Megan works with me and Scott is a paramedic (luckily, he wasn't there for a professional visit.)  It was great to welcome new friends to noTTafarm!
Posing Brothers
Tyler and Nick were born to work hard . . . and we're happy to take advantage of their work ethic!
Action Shot
Christine and her boyfriend Kevin G. were great helpers!  Must have been their spankin' new gloves that gave them the energy. 

Bubble Time
Beautiful Brenna joined the party late in the afternoon, along with her mommy (Amy B.) and little baby brother, Tripp.  Marita gave her a lesson on how to blow bubbles despite the 15 mph wind.

After a delicious dinner of brats and salads, it was time to organize the desserts.
Chelsie, Amy B., Tripp, Monica
Karli and Aaron
Niece Karli and her boyfriend Aaron joined the party after a busy day.  Karli took her ACT test Saturday morning!

Home Made Ice Cream!
Ray and Jolene were sweet enough to tote their 52-year-old (it was a wedding gift!) White Mountain freezer to Lumberjack Days.  Everyone had to take a turn at cranking, including 3-year-old Brenna.  She got assists from Chris's hands and Tyler's feet.

Brenna and Chelsie
Two of my favorite blue-eyed blondes became pretty close buddies!
Hugs All Around
Chelsie, Brenna, Tripp, and Monica.  Thanks, Amy and Monte, for having such beautiful babies!

Silly Ward Family
Clark (who has grown about a foot taller since last year's Lumberjack Days), Aaron, Karli, Teresa and Tim
"We're All Good Brothers, Each One the Other's Friend"
Two of Scott's UNL Acacia fraternity brothers made it to noTTafarm in time for dinner.  Chris and his wife Lori own an acreage nearby and John and his wife Stephanie were visiting from Atlanta. 
And so ended our Saturday! 
Stay Tuned for a Review of Sunday's Activities!

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