Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait

What do you think could top all the excitement of the dirt work occurring last week?  I wish I knew!
< < insert cricket sounds > >
For a variety of reasons, nothing has happened with the addition progress since Monday, June 25th.  The main hold-up right now is the need to move the power pole.  The power company must install the new underground electrical service and pad-mount transformer which will replace the existing pole-mounted transformer and overhead wires.  The foundation work can't really get started in the garage because there's a power pole in the middle of it.  One thing leads to another not getting done!

We have faith that things will soon be back on track and we'll have something to report - as soon as we get through this miserable heat/humidity wave and the July 4th holiday is over.
Stay Tuned!

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