Thursday, July 26, 2012

Foundation Done. . .Now Framing Begins!

With the foundation walls poured and newly waterproofed, it was time to move on to framing.  I am excited about this portion of the project because it will help me better visualize what the finished addition will look like.  I have a hard time thinking in 3D - unlike Scott who does that for a living.  

On Monday, Jarek came back with his Bobcat to back fill the foundation.  He worked until well after dark to get the job done (good thing his Bobcat has headlights!)  The giant mountain of dirt has been reduced by about 3/4.   
Jarek back fills the garage.

On Tuesday, all of the supplies needed for the framing, except for the great room roof trusses and insulated sheathing, were delivered and stacked south of the corn crib.  It looked and smelled like a lumber yard! 
Stacked and Ready to Go! 

Paralam beams
These extra large beams will support the joist and wall framing at major openings.

Lull Lift
Heavy loads of lumber can be moved and lifted as needed by the contractor.

Engineered lumber allows a 24-foot wide clear span of the basement to create the floor of the great room, leaving the basement free of columns. By the end of Wednesday, most of these joists were in place.

Lull Lift in Action
A nice stack of 3/4" thick 4'x8' sub-floor sheets was quickly transformed into the great room floor. By Thursday evening, the floor was glued and screwed down, and the crew had begun assembling portions of the walls which will be tilted up into place on Friday.  
Stay Tuned for More Framing Details!

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