Monday, July 9, 2012

Finally . . . a Glimmer of Hope in the Dirt

Like the majority of the country the last week or so, Omaha has suffered under the weight of a nasty heat wave, capped by a record-setting 104 degrees on Friday, July 6th.  Adding to our misery here at noTTafarm is the absolute lack of any activity at the job site.  The huge, dusty hole that will someday be a basement has been undisturbed so long that new life has sprung up from the roots of the chopped-down locust tree!
Luckily, the heat wave broke apart Saturday and temps seemed to have returned to "normal".

As I explained in last week's post, we have been waiting for the removal of the transformer and electric pole by the utility company. The foundation contractor was hesitant to begin his work with the pole still in the way.  So after 10 days of nothing, we learned today that the utility company has requested that the basement walls be poured first so that they can accurately locate the electric service entrance and future electrical panel location in the new basement.

Long story short - Today, the foundation contractor staked the corners and outlined the trench locations of the footings with blue spray paint, and tomorrow the concrete work begins!  Hooray!
Weee!  At least it looks like progress with the addition of wooden stakes and blue paint!

Stay Tuned for Details of Tuesday's Progress!
But don't hold your breath...just in case.  
This "hurry up and wait" process can drive a girl crazy!

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