Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Empty Hole Transformed with Footings Infrastructure

True to their word, the foundation contracting crew arrived bright and shiny this morning.  They brought along a big load of rebar and a John Deere backhoe to help complete the day's work.
The view this morning from our bedroom window.

At lunchtime, Scott came home to check the progress.  He was amazed at how quickly things were moving! Too bad he "forgot" to take pictures.  He was even more excited to report that the utility company had been out to begin their task of relocating the electrical service!  Scott took a bunch of pictures when he returned home after work.  Let's check them out!
The stakes and blue spray paint I told you about yesterday have been replaced by a deep trench outlining the structure.  Rebar was placed in the center of the trench.  Concrete will be poured into the trench (possibly on Wednesday) to create 2 foot wide x 1 foot deep footings.
A detail shot of how the rebar is wired together
The west end of the basement under the great room is at right.
Footing trench on the east edge (eventual front) of the garage.
Remember how the utility company was here, too?  Here's proof!  They hauled in a pad-mount transformer which will replace the current transformer mounted high up on the pole in front of the garage. 
I don't know what's inside this big green box . . . suffice it to say that some sort of magic happens and we get to have TV and lights inside the house!  (I apologize to my engineering co-workers for showing my ignorance.)  The transformer's new home is northwest of the back corner of the garage.
We're not messing around, folks!  noTTafarm is full of danger!
Luckily, Bibbers is here to protect us.

At the very top of this photo, you can see the electric pole that sits at the very east edge of our property.  From that point, OPPD dug a trench all the way to the new transformer.  Inside that trench, they placed a big fat cable (about 1" wide) that will carry 8000 volts of electricity underground to the transformer, where it will be stepped-down to household voltage, rather than overhead from pole to pole.  They hit a snag, however, near the culvert midway along the driveway.  Ginormous chunks of concrete and asphalt will have to be hauled away!  If these chunks could talk, they could tell us what highway they comprised in their glory days.

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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