Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Framing Progress

While I went to work away on Friday and slaved away in front of my computer screen, Scott took a day of vacation to work on the bathroom tile. (Yes, that bathroom.  No, it's still not done but it is getting closer to being done.) Anyway . . . he had a first hand look at the framing process and took some great photos to share.
The south wall of the great room was the first to be assembled.  
The framers laid the studs out on the floor, nailed the pieces together, then prepared to tilt it up into place.
The "lift" lived up to its name and "lifted" the wall into place.
Once the crew liked its position, they attached the bottom plate of the wall to the floor and nailed in temporary supports on the corners.  
A view from the north.
The peak of the new wall is about 19 feet tall.  The large opening will house two patio doors which will give us a 6-foot clear opening to a new patio to the south.
A view from the south.
Side note:  part of that brown yard is dirt and the other part is dead grass.  What hasn't been destroyed by heavy truck traffic has taken a beating from the drought and high temps.  We're hurting for rain at noTTafarm!

Also on Friday, the crew added a wall on the north side of the connector hallway and constructed (but didn't tilt yet) the west wall of the garage.  We should have more photos to share after Monday's work day!
Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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