Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Foundation Update

The temperature today in Omaha was hot-hot-hot but that didn't stop the foundation contractor from putting in a 12 hour day!  They arrived before 7AM to try and finish setting up the concrete forms.  It now looks like they will spend Tuesday refining the forms' placement and then pour the concrete on Wednesday morning.

Here are some photos to show the progress!  (Thanks for writing the captions, Scott!)
 Another view from the southwest with the garage forms now in view.

Concrete's-eye view inside of the form, before it turns from liquid to solid. 
Then the forms can split to the next job.

 Wrap-around porch stoop, which will have a brick wall on top to transition the old into the new.

 View to the west near the transition from porch to garage on right.

 View looking southwest from between barn and corn crib

Looking northeast from west of the Great Room

Big Boom Truck!
Our poor yard has been taking a beating from the heavy equipment we've seen so far.  

Stay Tuned for More Updates!

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