Thursday, July 19, 2012

Foundation Finale

The crew from Rock Solid completed the foundation walls just after lunchtime on Thursday, July 19.  Scott is very pleased with the results, and I am amazed at how hard some people work just to earn a paycheck.  The heat has been crazy here in Omaha but that didn't keep the crew from working full days to get the job done.  Here are some photos to fill you in on the action:
Wednesday Lunchtime:  I made it home in time to see the end of the concrete pumping which was really cool!  
The cement mixer loaded concrete into the big pumping truck...then the big boom delivered the concrete through a big tube.  The man in the bright green shirt at left controlled the concrete pumping via a remote control strapped to his belt - no easy feat considering our power line straddles the job site. (OPPD turned the power off during Wednesday morning to prevent mishap.)

Filling the Gap
One worker guides the concrete tube while the second followed behind, tamping the air bubbles. 

Concrete Work Can Be Hands On (or In!)

Smooth Finish

Needless to say, our "yard" is toast.  
All of this heavy equipment makes it look like we've really got something going on!

Thursday Morning Fog
The team arrived at 6AM to begin dismantling the wall forms.  

Before removing each side of the wall form, the concrete was scraped to prevent chunks of the wall breaking off with the form. 
Thursday Lunchtime
Scott took a few photos today as the crew finished loading the form sections.

Connector Basement
View from the east into the basement which will be under the hallway connecting the garage to the house.  The concrete floors will be poured after the framing begins (I don't know why...that's just what they tell me.)

The waterproofing of the foundation is scheduled for Friday...and framing begins next week!  Many more steps along the way but it's so great to have a firm foundation on which to build.

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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