Monday, July 30, 2012

Framing: Day 4

The framing crew was back at work by 7 o'clock Monday morning. The most noticeable effort may be the newly-placed north & west walls of the great room.  They also came inside the house to place a beam on the west wall of the existing dining room which will hold up the second floor after the wall gets torn out to create an opening between the new kitchen and great room.
Scott begins his Monday evening tour in the garage.

North Wall of the Great Room
Scott stands next to two window openings (at left and right).  The double hung windows will be 77 inches tall with lower sills for Leo to enjoy.  The space at the far right in the photo is the opening for the fireplace.

Meanwhile...noTTafarm's kitties are hard at work!
Bibbers and Tux had Leo cornered under the bush.  So far, they seem to be surviving life outdoors with all of the construction (not to mention the heat and drought.)

Mama and Babies
The trio was out and about this evening. Such a pretty sight!

Sneaky Scott
One framing crew's trash is another man's treasure!  Scott enjoys rounding up pieces of otherwise-to-be-wasted beams.  He is squirreling things away in the barn for future projects.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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