Friday, April 26, 2013

A "Harrowing" Experience!

Calm down, Readers. There's nothing scary afoot. Scott bought a harrow today!

Specifically, he bought a "Loyal Multi-Use Harrow" from our local TSC. He chose to make the investment so he can more easily ready the yard for seed and keep the gravel in line on the driveway. Check it out!
First, a little assembly. 
This model is "ideal for hobby farms" and was made to tow behind an ATV like our Ranger. It is really compact but has 5-inch long cold-formed high-carbon steel tines that easily dig into the soil.
Hooked Up and Ready to Go!
After a harsh year of drought and construction, we have quite a bit of dirt to convert to lawn space. The harrow will really help get the lawn going!

Bonus! The tines pick up sticks!
The Ranger and harrow made quick work of tilling the barren ground. Scott took several passes all around the property, and finished up by running up and down the driveway to push the gravel back where it belongs. 

It's nice to have the harrow join the noTTafarm Tool Team!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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